Grandpa and I are snow birding in central Florida again this year. We have a cute little house in a cute little neighborhood  with wonderful neighbors. What we don’t have this year – is a functioning kitchen.

When we bought the house, we planned on a major remodel. Covid happened and everything was put off. Now when we are ready to get going, supplies and contractors are in short supply.

  • As I was making Thanksgiving dinner our oven decided that it only wanted to heat under 325°F or over 425°F – nothing in between. I learned this while roasting the turkey!
  • In January the dishwasher decided to run only every other day and only if it decided we gave it enough attention.
  • In February the stovetop burners wanted to be replaced again.

I’ve been adapting my favorite recipes to use the toaster oven and electric skillet or we use Great-Grandma’s kitchen for special holidays like Easter. Funny enough, these simple meals cooked with small appliances have been wonderful! We’ll be posting some of our biggest successes in case anyone else would like to scale down or simplify their Sunday dinners.